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Valencia Town Lahore

Valencia Town Lahore

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BlockPlot #SizeDemandStatusFeaturesSubmitQuery
A12 marla1000000Availableaa,ss,aa06 Aug 2014 Query
P18310 M30.00#General29 Jan 2011 Query
K118112 M32.00#General29 Jan 2011 Query
K119112 M32.00#General29 Jan 2011 Query
A3489.5 M30.00#Corner, Facing Park29 Jan 2011 Query
C1181 K46.00SoldGeneral29 Jan 2011 Query
J551 K45.00#General29 Jan 2011 Query
F3910 M29.00#General29 Jan 2011 Query
G1731 K43.00#General29 Jan 2011 Query
H2451 K50.00SoldGeneral29 Jan 2011 Query
H111510 M32.50#General29 Jan 2011 Query
K11310 M28.50#General04 Dec 2010 Query
A120118.75 M53.50#General04 Dec 2010 Query
L431 K44.00#General04 Dec 2010 Query
A2161 K47.00#General04 Dec 2010 Query
L61 K55.00#General04 Dec 2010 Query
L51 K55.00#General04 Dec 2010 Query
A11051 K52.50#General04 Dec 2010 Query
C 1601 K46.00SoldGeneral11 Sep 2009 Query
L7415 M36.50SoldGeneral11 Sep 2009 Query
L 12815 M35.50SoldGeneral11 Sep 2009 Query
G17421.50 M46.50SoldCorner11 Sep 2009 Query
D921 K44.50SoldGeneral11 Sep 2009 Query
B671 K42.50SoldGeneral11 Sep 2009 Query
F310 M31.50SoldGeneral11 Sep 2009 Query
H 12110 M30.00SoldGeneral11 Sep 2009 Query
G18210 M33.50Sold60' Road11 Sep 2009 Query
C11161 K47.00SoldGeneral28 Jul 2009 Query
E 11101 K46.00SoldGeneral28 Jul 2009 Query
L11016 M38.50SoldGeneral28 Jul 2009 Query
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